Deal of the Day: Robonica Roboni – I Programmable Gaming Robot just $59.99

imageMeet Roboni-i, a highly-intelligent robot that fuses interactive, remote-controlled gameplay with advanced robotic technology. Operated wirelessly using a handheld controller and featuring four processors and 16 sensors, Roboni-i can sense and respond to his environment, explore the room on its own, and even engage in games with other Roboni-i units. A great toy for young robotics enthusiasts, Roboni-i can also be linked to your computer, allowing to reprogram his behavior and upload customized games.

Get your Robonica Roboni – I Programmable Gaming Robot Just $59.99

Cutting-Edge Robotic Technology
With his futuristic architecture and space-age silver color, Roboni-i would fit right at home in a science fiction movie. He features a durable plastic chassis that protects his intricate inner technology.

Inside of Roboni-i are 12 infrared sensors, which the robot uses to sense his surroundings, "talk" to other robots and communicate with the included BaseStation. He also features highly-sensitive touch sensors on his front and back bumpers, allowing him to sense even the slightest physical contact.

When Roboni-i senses something, he responds immediately by executing complex behaviors. For instance, if he collides with a wall, he’ll whistle with displeasure, turn around, and proceed in the opposite direction. If he spots his BaseStation or another Roboni-i unit, he might fire off his laser. If left by himself for more than 30 seconds, he may even begin to explore the environment on his own. He’ll always remain near his BaseStation, though, so you don’t have to worry about him wandering off by himself.

Get your Robonica Roboni – I Programmable Gaming Robot Just $59.99

imageFast, Nimble Remote-Control Action
With a full, 360-degree range of motion, Roboni-i is incredibly agile. You control Roboni-i using a comfortable handheld controller, which communicates wirelessly with the robot. The controller’s LCD screen displays various aspects of the robot’s status, such as his level of "happiness," his battery life, current game mode, and so on.

The robot is surprisingly fast, and he’s even capable of stunts and loops. Keep in mind that his plastic frame houses complex electronics, so don’t get too wild with your stunts. He’s by no means an all-terrain vehicle and is best driven on a hard, flat surface.

Loaded with Personality
Roboni-i isn’t just a mindless automaton that you control. He is a moody, sensitive robot that seems to have a mind of his own! He is at his happiest when he gets lots of attention, and when he is in close vicinity to his BaseStation.

If you switch his BaseStation off or move it out of reach, he will have a robotic "freak-out" and begin frantically searching for it. When he’s in a good mood, he will randomly fire off his laser, run away and "hide" from you, and perform other playful acts.

When you pay close attention to Roboni-i, you earn "RoboTX" levels — a measure of how much your robot trusts you. As you earn more and more RoboTX levels, your robot will gain access to more advanced actions and movements. This is a fun feature that allows your robot to grow dynamically with you as its owner. However, it also requires you to invest time in playing with your robot in order to get the most out of the toy.

Reprogram Roboni-i with Your Computer

Using the included Command Center program, you can customize the way your Roboni-i reacts to different stimuli. The program is very easy to use, although it does take some degree of computer competence (which younger kids may not have.) A drag-and-drop menu lets you easily program your robot to reverse, spin around, crabwalk, flash its activity LEDs, and more. The program also comes with a comprehensive tutorial, making it easy to learn how to use your robot.

The Command Center program is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. It is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Get your Robonica Roboni – I Programmable Gaming Robot Just $59.99

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Deal of the Day: Wireless G Router for just $14.99

TRENDnet TEW-432BRP 54Mbps Wireless G Broadband Router

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