Crazy Snowmobile Ascent of Skinny Couloir (Video)

I can’t decide if this looks like fun, or complete lunacy.

Crazy Snowmobile Ascent of Skinny Couloir by broadbandsports

WTF: A jumping cow?

One German teenager refused to give up her dream when her parents said she couldn’t have a horse.
Regina Mayer, the 15-year-old bovine show jumper, grabbed the bull by the horns and spent two years training Luna, the family’s cow, to clear fences.

Charlie Sheen continues to go completely crazy

Drawing of actor Charlie Sheen made with graph...

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Charlie Sheen has had a busy weekend, from speaking with two major networks about his feud with CBS, to firing his publicist. Today, he let it all out with TMZ. “I’m on a drug called Charlie Sheen”

His publicist says he quit today, Charlie says he was fired.  We are not so sure how long until Charlie goes all John Belushi on us, but it is looking more and more likely.


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Lindsay Lohan is crazy, hot and sexy as a badass gun licking Nun in the upcoming Machete

The 24 year-old actress still manages to look super hot and dangerous in a religious habit, while licking a big gun. If she is this hot in prison, it will be back to the lesbian ways soon for Lohan. Personally we cannot wait for that, or Machete!