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Born Freealt

Kid Rock has had a long road to respectability, but the kid has finally made it to respectability with this his 8th studio album. That may not always be a good thing though as may of Kid Rocks fans love the Motor City attitude that is a little watered down here. It is a pleasant change of pace as long as he doesn’t go too far and lose who he is in trying to be more “commercial”.

It’s a fine line to walk and he does it on this album. I’ve been a fan of Kid Rock since his harder-edged days in "The History of Rock", but his last several albums have been more classic rock than hip hop. It’s a change that I have grown to love. And the title track and the Sheryl Crow duet on this album are some of his best work to date.

Get Kid Rocks new album Born Freealt today in mp3 format for just $3.99

Video from the title track:

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