Paw-Paw Rock is the greatest song I ever heard (I am admittedly just a little biased)

Paw-Paw is and older man who still gets down and rocks out. I met Lee at a little non-profit store I volunteer at and he asked me to help him with this video. What a cool guy he is. I’ve got him working on his whole back story now as its something everyone should experience as I have, in his own words. 82 Years old and he is still out every day working picking up cans or whatever he can to make a buck for the Lord as he says.

Paw-Paw Rock

It’s Real! Duke Nukem Forever launch trailer

Vaporware no more!

The oft-delayed first-person shooter Duke Nukem Forever is hitting stores later this month?

Check it out

Amy Childs–Britain’s version of Snookie

We are always trying to educate the public, so here are the facts on Amy Childs. It is not just the US where reality television rules. Across the pond they have a show called The Only Way Is Essex (Towie for short don’t ask us why). Towie follows the lives of young adults: Mark Wright, Jessica Wright, Kirk Norcross, Amy Childs, Lauren Goodger, Sam Faiers, James Argent, Lydia Rose Bright, Harry Derbidge and their friends. The show is primarily filmed in Brentwood, Buckhurst Hill, Loughton and Chigwell, close to London, and shows their lives as young, rich Essex boys and girls.

Well, Amy Childs is unknown around these parts so far, but not for long, when you look like this, are adept at ahem, vajazzling (Google it. Actually, don’t) you are destined to be a star.

Age: 20
Status: Single… or maybe not
Likes: Photoshoots, spray tans, footballers, her dogs and ping pong
Quotes: "Oh my god hunny that’s beautiful"
               "Shut up!”
               "I’m a trained expert in vajazzling"
Noteable: Amy was once somewhat of a star for Essex County Table Tennis team.


Snap_2011.05.16 12.21.13_005Snap_2011.05.16 12.17.45_002

Snap_2011.05.16 12.18.05_003amy_childs_red_5

Snap_2011.05.16 12.18.31_004


Amy Childs TOWIE Best Bits

Humans CAN fly.

If this doesn’t make you want to fly, maybe you are not human.

Experience Human Flight from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

Experience Human Flight with the Melbourne Skydive Centre.

In February 2011, the five times world champions Fred Fugen and Vince Reffett from Soul Flyers were invited to Melbourne to provide advanced 3D coaching to some of Australia’s leading Skydive athlete talent.

The goal of the Training camp and the production were:

1. To increase participation in our sport.
2. Provide greater pathways for our elite athletes.

Hopefully this video will give everyone a different perspective of what skydiving can offer. Hopefully it will provoke some necessity to learn to fly in our wonderful three dimensional environment- The Sky!

Shot on a GoPro

Produced: "Betty Wants In" ,

Music: "She is" – Salieri Music Inc

WTF: A jumping cow?

One German teenager refused to give up her dream when her parents said she couldn’t have a horse.
Regina Mayer, the 15-year-old bovine show jumper, grabbed the bull by the horns and spent two years training Luna, the family’s cow, to clear fences.

Video: The Mountain

This may just be the most beautiful place in the entire world. (Watch in full screen for best effect)

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

This was filmed between 4th and 11th April 2011. I had the pleasure of visiting El Teide.
Spain´s highest mountain @(3715m) is one of the best places in the world to photograph the stars and is also the location of Teide Observatories, considered to be one of the world´s best observatories.

The goal was to capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy along with one of the most amazing mountains I know El Teide. I have to say this was one of the most exhausting trips I have done. There was a lot of hiking at high altitudes and probably less than 10 hours of sleep in total for the whole week. Having been here 10-11 times before I had a long list of must-see locations I wanted to capture for this movie, but I am still not 100% used to carrying around so much gear required for time-lapse movies.

A large sandstorm hit the Sahara Desert on the 9th April ( and at approx 3am in the night the sandstorm hit me, making it nearly impossible to see the sky with my own eyes.

Interestingly enough my camera was set for a 5 hour sequence of the milky way during this time and I was sure my whole scene was ruined. To my surprise, my camera had managed to capture the sandstorm which was backlit by Grand Canary Island making it look like golden clouds. The Milky Way was shining through the clouds, making the stars sparkle in an interesting way. So if you ever wondered how the Milky Way would look through a Sahara sandstorm, look at 00:32.

Available in Digital Cinema 4k.

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Azureus Rising

This is a really cool animated short proof of concept and all I can say is I want to see this movie! Pure awesome epic 720 HD

Snap_2011.03.25 00.34.37_002

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Beautiful Northern Lights Time Lapse

One of the most beautiful things you can see, this is an amazing time lapse of the Aurora Borealis otherwise known as the Northern Lights. The lights are named after the Roman Goddess of dawn, Aurora for good reason as you can see.

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

I spent a week capturing one of the biggest aurora borealis shows in recent years.

Shot in and around Kirkenes and Pas National Park bordering Russia, at 70 degree north and 30 degrees east. Temperatures around -25 Celsius. Good fun.

Big thanks to the guys over at for their amazing all-in-one motion control dolly.

More info on

Music is Gladiator soundtrack "Now we are free"

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Armed Robbery 101: A Primer

When committing a robbery, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Like maybe make sure there is not a cop standing right behind you as you try to take the money. This may seem like a minor detail, but as you will see below not everyone pays attention in class.

* please note, we are not actually teaching a class in armed robbery, but we just think you should always be prepared.

Scary toy dinosaur

The fact that he’s dressed as a dinosaur is pretty ironic. Little toys like that aren’t suppose to scare children. But when they do, it sure is funny!

<a href=";from=en-us_bingtoolbar&amp;vid=92e6384c-be75-4c63-b3e9-f3e3fb4b3361&amp;from=en-us&amp;fg=dest" target="_new" title="Kid Terrified of Toy Dinosaur">Video: Kid Terrified of Toy Dinosaur</a>

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