This Week at the Movies

A pretty good crop of movies this week with Hanna being a fantastic piece of cinema and there is also something for everyone as Russell Brand puts a spin on Arthur, Soul Surfer is pretty inspirational, and then there is comedy Your Highness for those who don’t want to think at all.

This weeks movie pick: Hanna

EN 5 Second Review: This is one of those rare movies that breaks the mold. Imagine if you will a fairy tale about a teenage princess who is a highly trained killer and there is no happy ending in sight. It’s weirdly terrific to see actual cinema dressed up as an action film. Don’t expect to understand this film on the first viewing, the good news is that you will want to see it again to figure out what you are missing.

Overall Take: Highly entertaining, our pick of the week is actually worth your 12 bucks. Twice. Also, Saoirse Ronan is amazing. … [Read More…]



EN 5 Second Review: This is a simple movie to review. If you are a Russell Brand fan, this is a must see movie. He is amusing, and this is a fairly serviceable vehicle for his sweet brand of humor. Helen Mirren is spot on as always. However, this movie was not exactly clamoring to be remade, the original was ok, but not exactly a fantastic movie in itself.

Overall Take: Blandly amusing, wait for cable. … [Read More…]


Soul Surfer

EN 5 Second Review: We really did not want to see this, however in the end, we are glad we did. Although this feels a lot like a Lifetime movie however unlike most movies like this at which we give them the full MST3K treatment this movie actually moved us even if it was a little preachy in the end like most sports biopics are. On a side not it is nice to see role models for the preteen set other than the oversexed twilight type roles.

Overall Take: Not a bad choice to take your young daughter to see, or for a church group, but its not worth your 12 bucks otherwise. Wait for its multiple plays on Lifetime. … [Read More…]


Your Highness

EN 5 Second Review:

This is a tough movie to watch. These are some seriously talented actors playing well below their level and its just bizarre to see in a lot of ways. Its offensive, yet reasonably funny and somewhat entertaining on a porkies level. But you just never really get over the weirdness of the casting, It would actually work better with a relatively unknown cast. Watching Natalie Portman spew filth is oddly hilarious though.

Overall Take – Wait for the late night cable showing. … [Read More…]


This weekend at the movies

Peter’s Preview October 22, 2010

By Peter Veugelaers ©

It’ll be of interest to see how Clint Eastwood directs a supernatural thriller, Hereafter, after Gran Torino. Matt Damon stars after this year’s Oscar nomination for supporting actor in Invictus, also directed by Clint. The director keeps on going. It’s been a phenomenal decade. Since 2003, he’s made Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Changeling, Gran Torino and Invictus. All impress with distinctive character, like rich wine taken moderately after years in the cellar. Savor the taste.

This weeks Pick

This week’s pick in the wide releases is Hereafter Hereafter is some of Clint Eastwoods best directorial work, plodding and slow at times, but in the end the exploration of the afterlife is as comforting as it is unsettling.

Last Weeks Pick: RED. may not be the best movie we have seen all year, but it is the most fun we have had at the theater this year.

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This week at the movies

A week to take the kids to the multiplex as Pixar does it again with the wonderful Toy Story 3 (2010) We are slightly disappointed however in Jonah Hex (2010)and are hoping the directors cut will fix what could have been a fantastic movie so we are rating it as a hold off until the DVD title.

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This Week at the Movies

A nice week for new releases with four movies opening wide led by Splice and Get Him to the Greek which fought it out for our pick this week with Splice winning out in a close race. There is also Marmaduke for the kids and if you are a desperate Kutcher fan you can go see Killers, although I cannot think of any reason why.

Splice is a deliciously twisted sci-fi techno horror thriller. Yes it is all of those and is destined to become a cult classic as Splice goes places no studio film has ever dared before. The themes in this movie are definitely NOT for children so even if you think your jaded children can see a horror, you better see it first before making that decision.

Our other recommended movie is Get Him to the Greek. Get Him to the Greek rivals The Hangover for pure summer stupid fun. Brand is spot on, and Hill plays the foil brilliantly. This is a good movie that could have been great except for a trying too hard attempt at a serious message.