Viral: Todays proof that the internet is stupid 1928 mobile phone meme

The latest internet meme that basically proves how stupid the internet is when taken as a whole is the woman in the old Charlie Chaplin film The Circus who the internet seems to think is talking on a cell phone.

The prevailing internet conspiracy theory is that the woman is a time traveler, making a call through time. I would debunk this by saying it would’ve been awfully hard to get reception before cell towers were ever invented, but I figure anybody who believes this woman broke the space-time continuum to visit 1928 isn’t going to be convinced by facts or logic.

So here you go internet, here is the video showing a 1928 mobile phone, we are convinced.

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Facebook is broken, the world weeps as addicted farmers all over the world lose crops, world hunger ensues, and life as we know it…

Oh never mind, Farmville is not that important. Neither is Facebook. In related news in the last hour, US productivity is up 200%, the sun actually exists, and we don’t really care if you “like” this post or not.

You may have to find another place to actually talk to someone. There are these places called bars, restaurants, coffee shops, parks and more where you can actually interact with someone. Try it sometime.

Luckily, for now, Twitter is still up so we can all discuss Facebook being down.

Welcome to the new Matrix!


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Google vs the World… next up for destruction: Skype

U.S. based Gmail users will now be able to place and receive phone calls directly from the Gmail interface. Calls placed to U.S. and Canadian-based numbers are free, and if you need to make international calls, the rates are extremely cheap. It was fun while it lasted Skype. Google has some deep pockets, and although Skype is well entrenched, Google will take a big bite out of Skype revenues in the near future.

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