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Windows 8 coming in 2012
Microsoft leader Steve Ballmer announced that the next version of his company’s operating system – Windows 8 – will be available in 2012.
At the Microsoft Developer Forum in Tokyo on Monday, Ballmer said the software giant is hard at work producing Windows 8, which is also expected to hit tablet computers, PC Magazine reports.
Ballmer has yet to comment on rumors regarding the features of the new OS.

How Google Apps could boost Chromebook sales
Google’s sales partners are eager to coax existing Google Apps customers to embrace the Chrome OS hardware as well. The pitch could be just the thing for business buyers

Sony hacked again
Sony is alerting users that it has been hacked again. Criminals broke into Sony’s So-Net service and stole virtual points. This comes after two breaches that exposed data on 100 million customers.

Forget the tethering police, the rooting police are here, led by Google
Disturbing news cropped up that Google is looking for rooters and denying them full use of rooted Android devices. Content providers may push Google into full-blown DRM hysteria.

Foxconn: Explosion won’t hurt iPad production
Last week’s explosion at a Foxconn factory that killed three people won’t delay iPad or iPhone production, according to the company.